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GlobeXpenC platform

Gives users the possibility to produce expense reports with tailored or unit specific solutions and post the expenses to Concur.

The user groups who need the solution most


• Users who can’t create expense reports using languages which are supported by Concur.

• Employees who don’t possess the skills or the possibility to use Concur on the net.

• Individuals who would wish to produce expense reports in their own style while following the company policy

• Global companies with employees in rural areas where local requirements cannot be fully implemented into Concur.

• Global Companies with units that are too small for full Concur configuration to be feasible.

• Units where internet connection is slow or unreliable.

Benefits of the Platform


• No need for constant internet connection - Create expense reports offline and send expenses into Concur when internet connection is usable.

• Save time by creating expense reports on-the-go.

• Concur can be rolled out to all nations and units rapidly despite of local needs.

• Wide usage of Concur by all employees provides transparency and better control of expenses when all costs can be posted to Concur. There are no longer any good reasons why not to use concur in certain units or locations. 

• Delegates are able to produce expense reports easily - simply forward expense information by email to Concur.

• Minimial training needs due to comfortable tools and platforms. 

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