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Concur consulting and continuous services

Concur consulting


GlobeXpenC delivers insights that meet the needs of Concur customers’ business and deliver the results and new value for companies. We can help to customize your Concur solution and take your business in a new direction with common best practices but also with new unique solutions which truly save time and money. We can help companies with international Concur rollouts and even provide services for expensing behalf of company's employees.


Concur Web Service solutions

Do you need to export receipt images to an internal system or build other automatical Concur import/Export solutions between other systems? We have a high expertise in Concur WS solutions, ask us if there is anything, what is not working yet automatically with your Concur solution.

Concur Product selection and feasibility study


Are you considering to implement Concur but you are not sure, whether the system fits your business needs, or are you unsure which products or services you need to choose? Are you considering to rollout Concur in EMEA, but you are not sure of local requirements?

- Don’t worry! We are ready to help with our international experience of Concur usage in different business areas and in 17 different countries at EMEA.


Concur implementation projects


Implementation projects can be challenging, but we can help you create a project plan in order to implement the system on time and within budget, even with Global projects. We’ll be supporting you during the whole project/process to make sure that the projects can produce their deliveries on time and that the expected result is reached. -There is a simple way to implement Concur, it’s the GlobeXpenC’s way.


Spot Consulting and Training


Do you already use Concur but you have some outdated or inefficient expense management processes or time consuming practices? Is there a problem that you cannot solve, or should you change some workflow? Do you have end users or administors who need training or other support  – We can offer help for you.


Continuous services


Sometimes it's smarter to focus on core business and leave the rest for others. If there is a part in your expense management process which you want to outsource - We can process cost efficiently company's expenses according company policies and even create expense reports behalf of employees with our tools -Ask an offer!


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