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Excel and email user interface for Concur

(Corporate customers are able directly to sign in and download ready made Excel templates. Others are able to register a free trial)

Deploy Concur globally with EmailXpenC - Easily and fast


Sometimes internet connections are poor or there is no connectivity, when there is need to create the expense report. Often some parts of company are left outside of Concur usage or it takes years before Concur will be implemented. Some employees on abroad don’t understand languages which Concur works with and some units have expense calculation rules which can’t be built into Concur. -EmailXpenC solves all these problems and is the tool to utilize Concur fully for all employees worldwide. 


EmailXpenC provides a possibility to create Concur Expense reports with Excel in an email. It gives direct savings with Concur implementation projects. It shortens the time spent for creating expense reports and gives a chance to deploy Concur to units which have not been able to use Concur earlier. The solution obeys company policies, audit rules, and workflows in Concur. All expenses can be reported and controlled as they would have been created using Concur UI. 


Ability to Create Concur Expense reports in all languages


You can localize EmailXpenC template in any language and it will still work with Concur. So, you don’t have to leave any employee group or country out of Concur’s scope because of the employees’ language skills.


Create expenses offline and send them to Concur when connected


EmailXpenC is an easy way to create expense reports if a decent internet connection is not available. You are able to easily create expense reports with receipts for example, during a flight, while performing field operations, or staying abroad. 


Save work time 300-600%


Creating an expense report in Excel and email fast process. Users don't have to log into Concur to be able to send reports or submit for approvers. Delegates save many work days in a month. Don't waste time training temporary workers to use Concur. Just ask them to fill the expenses in Excel and send them to you, if you are the delegator, or directly to Concur, if you wish. 




If you have receipts in your email, you don't have to send them to the receipt store. With EmailXpenC, you can create expenses directly to Concur and even submit the report without logging into the system. You can even capture receipt images from emails, so no more printing and scanning. 


Credit Card transaction import


If company's credit card is not integrated with Concur, you can import credit card transactions to Concur with EmailXpenC Credit Card Import tool.





EmailXpenC is build on our Concur integrated cloud platform and it even gives a possibility to integrate local expense management solutions with Concur. With the platform all expenses can be imported to Concur like expense reports would have been originally made in Concur. Get the full visibility to all expenses and ask us if you have some user groups which are not still using Concur.

Automatic driving log by LogMyDrive

LogMyDrive is an automatic driver's log book, which is suitable for both private users and large companies. Install LogMydrive (Android/iPhone/Windows Phone) -app from a store or order a separate GPS receiver to your car and the driving log is created automatically. Afterward, EmailXpenC users can fetch the driving log to their mileage expense templates from LogMydrive application. For our corporate customers, we have also solution how to import variable mileage rates to Concur which is not possible with any other mileage app. 

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